Trichologist Natalia Zhovtan said that folk remedies may not be as effective in treating hair loss. She said in an interview with we that a specialist should treat her hair.

she explained.

The expert added that if the patient tries to restore hair in an unconventional way, the most important thing can be lost – this is time. Cicatricial alopecia, unfortunately, cannot be restored. Zhovtan noted that in other situations, when hair loss is of a physiological nature (for example, seasonal), then folk methods can be used as a psychological sedation.

“In fact, rubbing in oils or some irritating substances can even lead to a worsening of the condition. When the oil is applied, such a film is created that interferes with the exchange on the surface of the scalp, which can lead to the deterioration and progression of hair loss. But it is possible to rinse the hair with all kinds of decoctions of medicinal herbs, at least they will not harm. Hair loss will not stop, but the quality of the hair can definitely improve, ” Zhovtan said.

She added that chamomile and bay leaf are the most budgetary funds. However, as a prevention or treatment for hair loss, they have no effect. It is completely absent in the treatment of post-covid hair loss.

“Because post-COVID hair loss is a serious process that affects almost all organs, including the hair follicle. Treatment of such a problem should be carried out by a trichologist who will conduct the necessary examination. He will conduct a certain therapy, prescribe what is necessary. To date, it is believed that post-hair loss is a self-healing process, and the hair follicle is restored and the hair loss stops. the expert explained.

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