Genetics is a determining factor in life expectancy, but ongoing research continues to shed light on risk factors that can be adjusted. Therapist Irina Andreeva spoke about some of them.

“In the last decade, attention has been drawn to the impact of oral hygiene on overall health and mortality in older people. Scientists have found that brushing your teeth before bed is a ‘significant’ risk factor for longevity.”– quotes the doctor “Medicforum”.

She also noted that the lack of oral hygiene before bed increases the risk of premature death by 20-35%, if there was no regular practice of flossing, the risk increases by 30%.

If you visit the dentist at least once a month, then the risk is reduced by 30-50%, says Andreeva, ideally two or more times a year.

She noted that the number of missing teeth increased mortality: those without teeth (despite dentures) had a 30% increased risk of death, compared with people who had 20 or more teeth.

“Proper oral care helps maintain natural, healthy and functional teeth and promotes the survival of the elderly”the therapist commented on the study.

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