A person with a sedentary lifestyle needs to take up to three thousand steps a day, and a physically active person – up to 20 thousand steps. This was told by the traumatologist-orthopedist of the First Professional Network of Orthopedic Salons ORTEKA Lev Dunaev.

β€œIt all depends on the age of the person, his sports training, health status. If you are in good physical shape, you can walk 20 thousand steps a day, which is approximately 14 kilometers, ” β€” he told URA.RU.

The expert noted that the figure of 10 thousand was fixed in society, which was associated with the invention of the pedometer. This figure can be called the average for a healthy adult. However, he noted that “this is not a panacea.” According to the expert, with a sedentary lifestyle, even three thousand steps a day will have a significant positive effect on health. Dunaev explained that it is very important to listen to your body and choose a comfortable load.

The orthopedist emphasized that it is more useful not how many people pass, but how they do it. According to him, walking in the fresh air increases the emotional status and mood, and the desire to break a new record can cause a feeling of dissatisfaction, which will negatively affect the emotional state.

According to the doctor, even 30 minutes of walking at a leisurely pace has a positive effect on vascular health. When a person walks, his blood pressure decreases, his heart works more actively, endurance increases and blood supply to all organs and systems improves. Walking also has a positive effect on the state of the musculoskeletal system.

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