Harmony in sexual relations is considered the key to marital happiness and marital stability. However, even the strongest alliance can crack overnight. Poor quality sex becomes a stumbling block and there are many reasons for its deterioration: from hormones to behavioral scripts from parental families, sexologist Evgeny Kulgavchuk said in an exclusive conversation with we.

“This is a violation of the range of acceptability, when one partner insists on the implementation of what the other finds unacceptable for himself. Or a syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure, which contributes to “testing” oneself on the side, or hasty conclusions that “we are not suitable for each other”, or that “love has passed”the expert explained.

The absence of an orgasm in a woman, sexually transmitted diseases brought into the family, and offensive comparisons with others can aggravate the situation in intimate life. The sexologist recalled that in order to avoid sexual disharmony, relationships need to be looked after.

“It is important to allocate time for each other, to simultaneously observe the regime of work and rest, to form the habits of showing attention and care for each other. To be able to work through the possible negative experience gained in the parental family»– explained Dr. Kulgavchuk.

If the couple has already encountered intimate problems, then the support of a sexologist who has knowledge in urology, gynecology, endocrinology, neurology and psychotherapy will help save both sex and marriage.

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