Every person who experiences unpleasant situations increases the level of stress hormones, which can provoke the development of various addictions. This was told by the chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region Anton Masyakin in an interview with the Moscow City News Agency.

The expert explained that the body produces three hormones in response to a stimulus – cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. According to him, during the release of adrenaline in a person, pressure rises, the nervous system is excited and the frequency of nerve contractions increases. Due to constant stress, the body regularly releases adrenaline, which negatively affects the functioning of the heart and gastrointestinal tract. In turn, with a strong experience, the hormone cortisol is released. It increases blood sugar levels, increases the availability of reducing substances. Under normal conditions, it is quickly excreted from the body, but at a time when it is regularly excreted, a person may experience drowsiness, cravings for sweets, impaired attention and memory, decreased immunity and depression.

Masyakin explained.

He added that stress can be combated through sports and breathing exercises. For example, you can do yoga, Pilates, swimming, cycling, stretching and doing qigong.

The psychiatrist also urged to get enough sleep and follow a diet. He emphasized that caffeine and alcohol do not help relieve stress.

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