Everyone knows about the traditional way of cooking pasta, and you will probably agree that this is one of the simplest dishes that do not require special culinary skills. But we know how else to surprise you. It’s about an easier way to make pasta delicious.

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Blogger Lilsipper said in her social networks that to cook pasta, they do not need to be boiled, fried, stewed, baked or even just warmed up at all. It is enough to fill them with cold water.

But there is one important nuance – pasta must be gluten-free. Then they will simply swell and thus be ready. True, they will become suitable for consumption only after 2 – 3 hours. Therefore, this method, although the simplest, but far from the fastest.

You can season the pasta after it is ready.

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Gluten-free pasta can be simply poured with cold water / collage 24 channel