It doesn’t take much effort to make a gift box. You just need to buy a good box and find out what the birthday person likes more..

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How to make a gift box

You will need:

  • gift box to your liking;
  • craft or colored paper;
  • any content that the birthday person liked;
  • your shared photos;
  • glue;
  • a pen.

First you need to decide what gifts to put in the box. If a friend’s birthdaythen you can buy cosmetics, perfumes, cute stationery, sweets and more.

If a birthday manthen you can buy a belt, wallet, sweets, alcohol, car accessories and more.

After you get the things you need, put them well in the box. To do this, lay craft paper on the bottom of the box. You can also add confetti. Then lay out the gifts so that they do not close each other. First, put more voluminous things, and then – smaller ones.

Gift box for a girl / Photo by Unsplash

We advise you to supplement the box with such nice trinkets:

photos. Stick shared photos from your favorite moments. Polaroids are the best here;
messages . Hand-write a cute message on the gift label or on the back of the lid;
favorite color. If you know the birthday person’s favorite color, it is better to make a gift in this style. For example, you can pick up sweets with purple packaging.