Why prune raspberries

Bushes grow very quickly. If you do not remove excess shoots in a timely manner, the raspberry runs the risk of turning into an impenetrable jungle. In dense thickets it is difficult to harvest. In addition, due to tightness, raspberries will receive little sunlight and be less ventilated. As a result, the berries will begin to shrink, and the plants themselves will become a cozy home for diseases and pests.

When to prune raspberries

In the spring, work begins when the snow melts. The optimal time for most regions is from the end of March to the end of April. At this time, you need to remove all dry, broken and frozen shoots.

In autumn, pruning is carried out after harvest. Try to cope 2-3 weeks before the arrival of frost. At this time, dry and diseased branches are also removed. And also all those on which there were berries, since next season they will not please with a good harvest. But fresh shoots, on the contrary, are left: in the summer they will begin to bear fruit.

During the summer, you can carry out preventive pruning – remove diseased, damaged and dried branches.

How to cut raspberries

Carefully inspect the shoots and, first of all, cut off dry, broken, diseased and pest-infested shoots to the very root.

And then proceed to remove the old branches. It’s easy to identify them: feel free to completely cut off all the shoots from which you picked berries this season. They are thicker and darker than the others. Such rejuvenation will benefit raspberries, and she will put all her strength into the development of new branches.

How to prune raspberries: start removing old branches
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Young green shoots also need to be thinned out. Cut at the root of the weak and thin. Leave strong and well developed, no less than a pencil in diameter. Measure about 40 cm from the ground and to this level, remove all the lower leaves on the remaining shoots.

How to prune raspberries: measure about 40 cm from the ground and to this level, remove all the lower leaves on the remaining shoots
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Cut branches and leaves can be a source of disease and pests, so be sure to collect them from the site and burn them.

What to do with raspberries after pruning

How to prune raspberries: treat the bushes with special tools
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Do not be too lazy to treat the bushes with special means that will protect your raspberries from diseases. For this, a one percent solution of Bordeaux mixture or the preparations “Abiga-Peak”, “Skor”, “Hom” and “Azophos” are suitable, which are diluted according to the instructions on the package. Thoroughly apply the mixture to the leaves and stems of the plants, as well as the soil around them.