Usually, we remember that sound, healthy sleep is the key to a healthy life only when sleep disturbances occur. There are more than 80 different problems, from night terrors and insomnia to snoring and inability to wake up.

The most common sleep disorder is insomnia. Insomnia is quite a popular phenomenon. Studies have shown that one in two Europeans periodically suffers from insomnia. This brings the problem of insomnia to the social level.

Often insomnia accompanied by nightmares, early awakening and difficulty falling asleep. Waiting for the night becomes unbearable. Bad sleep that lasts for a long time can be a symptom of disorders that lie deep inside, including neurological and depression.

Insomnia may be related with many factors – stressful situations in life, conflicts at work, family problems, alcohol consumption, etc. If it is temporary – from one or two nights to a week, then it is quite possible to cope with it on your own. If insomnia lasts longer, it may become chronic, in which case you will need the help of a specialist.

A few simple rules will help you cope with insomnia:

  • Get up at the same time every day. The time of rising should be fixed – regardless of how late you went to bed the day before. As soon as you wake up, get up instead of lying in bed.
  • People of “sedentary” professions – office workers, drivers – have much more problems with sleep. The body needs physical activity, be sure to do sports. It can be a very short, but regular charge.
  • Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are strong stimulants. Avoid them at least three to four hours before bedtime.
  • A daytime nap, even a short one, increases the chances of nighttime insomnia. At least once a day, most people notice fatigue and sleepiness. A short nap of 15 minutes can be useful, but you should not sleep more than 20 minutes. In this case, you will enter the phase of deep sleep and instead of rest, you will feel even worse than before.
  • Be sure to ventilate your room at night, it is preferable to sleep with the room open. Maintain a normal temperature regime – not too cold, but not too hot, about 16-18°С.
  • Of course, a good sleep is impossible without a comfortable mattress. In addition, scientists advise placing the bed in the north or east direction. Try different directions and choose the one that suits you.
  • You should also not read in bed, solve crossword puzzles. The body, tired for the day, perceives this as a call for further active activity. Doctors also do not advise calling friends late at night – at this time, the human brain is less in need of new impressions. The most optimal position for sleeping is on the back. In this position, the internal organs relax, the person really rests in sleep.

Usually a person sleeps about eight hours a day. Thus, we spend about a third of our lives in sleep. This is quite a significant period, take care of the usefulness of this time. Sleep allows the body to relax, fully rest and regain strength after a hard day.