Unless, of course, we do not lose sight of several important factors. We will talk about them today.

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It happens that you pump your legs and buttocks with all your might for a long time, but the result is not encouraging. Therefore, you should not forget about some points that can improve the effectiveness of your classes. Coach Kirill Toros shared his tips.

What is important in working on elastic buttocks

  • Do not forget do a warm-up before the main exercises. During her stretch the gluteal muscles well. This will make them more elastic, and they will be easy to work with.
  • Perform one exercise with a minimum load to warm up (regular leg swings with a fitness rubber band will do). This will infuse the muscles with blood, which will help you feel them better during the workload.

After that, you can already move on to the main set of exercises.

3 conditions for the best result

  • Be aware of a calorie surplus – this plays a significant role in muscle growth.
  • Give your muscles time to recover.
  • Competently draw up a training plan – do not train the buttocks more than 2 times a week.

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The text of the publication of Kirill Toros:

Do not feel the work of the buttocks during training?

Do a warm up
Pull your muscles
Do a warm up exercise
Switch to working approaches

Also remember about a calorie surplus for growth, about recovery and a well-designed training plan.