Anyone who decides to quit smoking should consult a doctor. The specialist will determine whether the smoker is addicted and what condition his respiratory system is in. These treatments will help you quit smoking. This was told by a pulmonologist Sergei Babak.

“I would advise a smoker to consult a pulmonologist in order to understand whether he has a real addiction or not. It is necessary to conduct testing, to identify certain levels of dependence, ” — he said in an interview with URA.RU.

The expert urged to examine the internal organs to understand the damage caused by smoking. To do this, it is worth doing an x-ray or computed tomography of the chest organs. They will show the structure of the lungs and allow you to understand if there is pain in this area.

Babak added that a person should distinguish between a bad habit and an addiction. He explained that a psychiatrist and a pulmonologist should be on the team to help with addiction. If we are talking about a habit, then it depends on the willpower of a person.

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