I want to devote time to self-development, to read more books, but everyday life steals all your time and absorbs it with your feet? This means that it is time to change the attitude towards routine matters and their format. How to make sure that the routine does not take away your precious time? Read the article!

how to simplify life


We advise you to turn to minimalism – a lifestyle that helps to get rid of everything superfluous and leave only the necessary. Let us simplify your life in just a few simple steps.

Step 1. Total decluttering

Plyushkin wakes up in each of us from time to time: these jars are needed, those little things must be kept in a shukhlyadochka, little books, plushies, little things … blah blah blah. All these things during cleaning need your time and attention. You dust them, wash them, put them back in place, and so on. And then you wonder where your time goes. All these unnecessary things they ate.

In order not to let them eat your personal time, you need to carry out a total decluttering. Qualitatively reduce the amount of trash:

  • audit the contents of your closets;
  • sort things into necessary and unnecessary;
  • Throw away or give away what you don’t need.

The less unnecessary things you have that just take up space, the less time they eat up, and the more time you have for yourself.

basics of minimalism


Step 2. Plan your activities

Get in the habit of planning things daily or weekly. A variety of scheduling apps for your smartphone will help you with this: they will remind you of business and will always be in your pocket.

Main rule: planning things should not take more than half an hour.

With the help of the scheduler, you can distribute household tasks, distribute them to your family, or choose the best time so as not to load everything in one day.

You can also plan menus and purchases. This will help you save time in shops and in the kitchen.

Step 3. Small steps to big success

Try to think ahead and do small useful things. For example, in order not to mess around in the morning, prepare clothes for the next day in the evening. Or pre-clean and pack vegetables for cooking in the freezer. And so on.

Small steps taken in your free time will save you a lot of time in the future. Over time, these “pluses” accumulate, and one day you will say a big thank you to yourself for doing a useful little thing in the past.

Step 4: Spend Wisely

It is impossible not to talk about money if you want to save time. The financial issue is tightly connected with routine household chores, so you should deal with it too.

Top tip – buy wisely:

  • make shopping lists to avoid impulse spending;
  • save money for something special;
  • Don’t buy foods you probably won’t eat.

If you deal with the financial side of the issue, you will have fewer unnecessary things, and you will save time.

minimalism in life


Step 5. Self-discipline

The time you spend cleaning can be reduced even further if everything in your home has its place and you have discipline. After using some thing, immediately return it to its place, and there will no longer be any mess or feeling that you are always cleaning up.

Step 6. Get rid of the “kitchen slavery”

In the kitchen, an adult spends a lot of time, and due to incorrect optimization of time and space, it seems that … he just settled there. You come home from work, you start cooking, then you eat, then you clear the table and wash the dishes. And if you live alone, then everything can come to a standstill: you come home from work, quickly warm up something, stuff yourself and then throw the dishes in the sink, because “well, then somehow I’ll clean it all up when I have time.”

But everything could be easier. Here’s how to optimize the space in the kitchen and get rid of the “kitchen slavery”:

  1. Make a menu for the week and stick it on the fridge.
  2. Stock up on groceries for the week and have them ready for cooking as soon as possible. You can, for example, peel carrots, cut into cubes and freeze. It will be just as appetizing and healthy as fresh.
  3. Optimize time in the kitchen: while the food is cooking, you can wash everything that got dirty during cooking, and then you will only have to wash the dishes after the meal.
  4. Everything should lie in its place: do not scatter jars of sauces and seasonings, but immediately return everything back to its place.

This concludes our advice. As you can see, small helpful steps will save you a lot of time and money, so don’t forget to take them every day. What are some ways you can save time on household chores? Tell us!