The skin is a mirror of the human condition. It responds to all changes within the body. The main problem that occurs in the autumn-winter period is vitamin deficiency, which immediately affects the condition of the skin. Dermatologist Olga Bozhok spoke about this exclusively for we.

“On their own hands, legs do not crack. This simply means that our protection of fat-soluble vitamins is falling, their absorption is falling, that is, we are consuming less of them in the diet. There are not enough of them. And as a result, the skin suffers, the expert said.

External factors also influence the human condition. So, a decrease in daylight hours, a change in circadian rhythms, relative pressure drops can cause skin problems.

“It all affects in the form of a drop in immunity, and we become very susceptible, very sensitive to various diseases”the dermatologist noted.

How to take care of your hands in autumn and winter

There is a simple remedy to keep your hands smooth and hydrated in autumn and winter. To do this, you only need pharmacy ointment lanolin and cellophane gloves. The procedure will require:

  1. steam out your hands;
  2. grease them with lanolin;
  3. put on gloves.

The effect will be noticeable in the morning.

How to take care of your feet in autumn and winter

For legs, you can also use lanolin or resort to another remedy – petroleum jelly. The recipe for heel smoothness is the same as for hand care:

  1. steam out the legs;
  2. apply vaseline;
  3. wrap your feet in cellophane.

According to the expert, in the morning the skin on the heels will be soft and supple.

How to eat right in winter and autumn to maintain the condition of the hands and feet

The autumn-winter period is a difficult time for the body. At this point, it is very important to maintain the level of vitamins. This can be done both medically and by including certain foods in the diet.

use bone broth, then in fact you will give all the introductory elements for building elastic and healthy skin”, the expert said.

These foods will replenish your vitamin levels to help you feel better and protect your skin. Previously, we told under what conditions do not use vitamin ointments.

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