In the new video, Lizzy sets sail on the famous steamship with Leonardo DiCaprio. They have a great time together: Lizzy is a skilled dancer who is not averse to watching dolphins and enjoys posing when the main character draws her.

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The video, from which it is impossible to break away, immediately became viral on social networks. It looks like Kate Winslet has a worthy competitor.

If in “Titanic” instead of Kate Winslet the cat Lizzy played: watch the video

This isn’t the first time Lizzy has appeared on the big screen. Its owners, Thibaut Charroppin, a director and animator, and Olivia Boone, a creative writer and content editor, have made quite a few parodies with their pet. Lisey became the main character in such famous films as:

In addition, the authors of the parody on their Facebook page shared the process of creating a video: