Coronavirus survivors, along with their sense of smell, can also lose sound sleep for a long time. Sometimes it drags on for ten or more months. What is the reason for this, explained the somnologist and neurologist Elena Tsareva.

“There is a toxic effect directly on the brain. The virus infects those areas of it that also affect sleep. Therefore, prolonged insomnia can be observed. Postcovid insomnia can last for several months. There were times when there were more than three. Six or ten months is also possible. Moreover, insomnia is pronounced, – quotes the doctor URA.RU.

According to the expert, an acute sleep problem is often observed in those patients who have had severe COVID-19. Such people sometimes cannot close their eyes even for five minutes. This is due to the fact that their body is exhausted in every sense.

“A feature after a serious illness, when the body is in conditional depression, when all resources are reduced, then there may be a violation of sleep perception. It seems that there is no sleep at all, that it is too superficial to be perceived as a dream. This feeling can persist for a long time.”added the doctor.

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