With the holidays approaching, a special atmosphere sets in at home, when you often want to sit down at the good old movie about Christmas miracles or laugh at the New Year’s comedy. These are, of course, exactly the cases when the TV adds home comfort. And even better when it’s new and with a big screen!

And at this point, many will think that buying equipment at a time when preparations for the feast of St. Nicholas and Christmas are in full swing is not a good idea. And we agree with you. But if it is possible to get a TV for free? Like win? This is a completely different matter.

And by the way, the trial period for 1 hryvnia is also considered! Therefore, if you have not done it yet, connect Internet TV for 1 hryvnia from 12/06/2021 to 01/05/2022 and wait for the announcement of the results on the OLL.TV pages in social networks.

TVs will play every day!

Win a TV every day! / OLL.TV

Enjoy the content of the service, save the conditions of the promotion and look out for Santa Claus from OLL.TV with a brand new TV! And then the scenes from your favorite New Year’s films or nostalgic movies will play with completely different colors. New impressions in the new year are guaranteed!