A person who regularly consumes foods high in sugar has a reduced intelligence. This was stated by the therapist, nutritionist “SM-Clinic” Elena Tikhomirova.

“When a person eats a lot of carbohydrate foods, sweets, pies, ice cream, then his brain, namely neurons, is constantly bombarded with sugar and carbohydrate jumps. In this state, the production of the brain is reduced, that is, the intellectual qualities of such a brain are reduced and the person is in a state, as with average alcohol intoxication. she said in an interview with URA.RU.

Also, a person who constantly consumes foods with sugar becomes less active. The expert added that regular “sugar bombing” of neurons leads to a weakening of the intellect. A person constantly feels weak, he is tired and lethargic. Tikhomirova explained that an increased concentration of sugar in the blood causes the center, which is responsible for daytime activity, to fade.

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