What you need

Jump rope, some free space, timer, mat (optional). Download the tabata app so you don’t have to switch timers right during the complex.

How to train

The workout includes five exercises:

  • jumping rope;
  • push-up with touching the elbow with the knee;
  • lunges and squats with a jump;
  • diagonal fold;
  • raising arms and legs in the plank.

Do the exercises for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. When you finish the last item on the list, go straight to the first one. Do five circuits, it will take 25 minutes.

The exercises are structured in such a way that you have time to restore your breath. But if you feel that 20 seconds is not enough, then switch to the 30/30 format: work for half a minute, rest for half a minute.

All exercises from the list can be adjusted to your abilities – below we will tell you how to do this.

How to do the exercises

jumping rope

Straighten your back, straighten and lower your shoulders, look forward. When jumping, try to twist only with your wrists, and not with your whole arm, keep your elbows close to your body.

If you don’t have a jump rope, change the exercise. Run on half toes, raising your knees high. Do it intensively, help yourself with your hands.

Push-ups with touching the elbow with the knee

After push-ups, lift the leg bent at the knee and touch the elbow. So the press and legs are connected a little more, and the hands, on the contrary, get a little rest. During push-ups, do not spread your elbows to the sides, they should “look” back. At the bottom, touch the floor with your chest.

A simplified version is push-ups from the support. The higher the support, the easier it is to perform the exercise.

Jumping lunges and squats

This exercise should get your heart rate up, so do it quickly and don’t get carried away with a range of lunges and squats. In lunges, do not touch the floor with your standing knee behind you; in squats, lower yourself to the parallel of the hips with the floor, not lower.

If an exercise is difficult for you, reduce the range, but at the same time try to increase the speed of execution.

Diagonal fold

While lifting, turn the body to the side and touch the opposite leg with your hand. Alternate legs every other time. Try not to bend your knees.

If you want an easier option, put your hands behind your head and connect the elbow and knee of the opposite leg.

Plank leg and arm raises

Get into a plank position, place your hands under your shoulders, tighten your abs and buttocks. Raise the opposite arm and leg in turn and put back.

If you cannot balance on one arm and one leg, raise only your right arm first, then lower it to the floor and raise your left. The same with the legs.

How do you like the workout? What was difficult, what was easy, how many laps did you manage to do? Write in the comments!