Most people suffer from dry skin during the cold winter months. Experts say there are many reasons for this. Firstly, the health of the skin is affected by a decrease in temperature, dampness and wind. Secondly, the onset of the heating season also has a negative impact.

“When a person returns from the street, where the temperature is already 0 ° C or lower, into a room where the air temperature is + 20-25 ° C, the whole body tries to maintain internal balance, while the skin is under stress, begins to dry and peel off,” dermatologist Alla Feinshtein told

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According to the doctor, “hot showers or baths after freezing outside” lead to feelings of tightness and peeling. Without that, hard tap water of high temperature has a doubly negative effect.

“To avoid these problems, wash with hot water – above 37 ° C, replace soap and regular shower gel with products that restore the lipid composition of the skin,” Feinstein advises.

If you shower with alkaline soaps or ordinary shower gel, then skin irritation will be added to the dryness of the skin. The feel and look is not pleasant.

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