As children, our mothers made us wear a hat when the cool autumn weather came outside. And they were right: a covered head during a windy period will ensure that your sinuses and brain do not become inflamed. This was told by the otolaryngologist and candidate of medical sciences Vladimir Zaitsev.

“First of all, acute rhinitis begins. In the common people, this is called a runny nose. It is followed by inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, this is sinusitis, ” — said the doctor in an interview with URA.RU.

Zaitsev clarified that it is not so scary if the maxillary sinuses become inflamed, since they are large and recover faster. The situation is much more difficult if the ethmoid sinuses, located between the eyes and right behind the nose, are affected.

“Afterward, the frontal sinuses may become inflamed, and after them there is already contact with the brain and inflammation can go there. And the last sinus is the sinoid. It is in the middle of the skull, and if it becomes inflamed, then it’s generally bad, ” the otolaryngologist warned.

In such cases, you should immediately consult a doctor, and not self-medicate. You can hurt yourself, and the disease will become chronic.

“The factor of lost time is at work here. A person falls into a state of rhinosinusitis. As a rule, these are purulent rhinosinusitis. If a person is stubborn and does not go to the doctor, then this will already have a chronic character, ” – summed up Vladimir Zaitsev.

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