Together with the final series “And just like that…” documentaries will also be shown. The tape will tell about creating and filming a high-profile serieswhich has been heard around the world for the second month. A film about the film will premiere on the service OLL TV.

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This season is ending, but we’re not done yet. We’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at the making of these groundbreaking new “And Just Like That” series, commented at HBO Max.

The documentary is based on interviews with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. Each of the actresses will talk about the emotions that they had to endure during the filming of the continuation of the Sex and the City series, where the stories of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends from Manhattan were revealed in a different way.

Even after 23 years, I’m excited. Scared and excited,” admitted Sarah Jessica Parker.

Trailer of the documentary film about the filming of the series “And just like that …”

A documentary film is also an ajar door to the “inner kitchen” of filmmaking. Where without behind-the-scenes shots? Wviewers will be able to see the work of movie stars without decorations: how actors prepare to go on set, what they do between scenes, or how writers rewrite dialogue or jokes on the go.

In addition, in the documentary, Cynthia Nixon will share her first directing experience. Under her supervision, the emotional episode 6 “And just like that …” was filmed, in which her heroine Miranda tells her friends about sex with Che at a picnic.

So make yourself comfortable, take some goodies, because one more cozy evening watching a touching movie on OLL.TV you are guaranteed!