Overweight problems can arise due to non-compliance with the calorie norm. So, for example, a person himself might not notice overeating, but fat deposits will be noticeable on his body. However, there are ways to help reduce belly fat. This was told by nutritionist Nuria Dianova.

“There are several types of body fat – visceral (internal) fat and subcutaneous fat. Internal – this is the one that envelops the organs, it increases the risk of diseases, in particular, diabetes. It also manifests itself as obesity, – she explained in an interview with Evening Moscow.

According to her, you need to create the right calorie deficit. It’s about consuming them in moderation and spending more. The expert noted that you need to eat less, but regularly and evenly. Dianova added that mostly excess weight is not associated with subcutaneous fat, but with visceral fat.

The doctor noted that this problem can be solved with the help of special drugs, but this can be harmful to health. With their help, a person’s appetite decreases, he loses weight. But in this case, the person is not explained how to adjust the diet.

The specialist pointed out that often the occurrence of fat is affected by overeating, due to which accumulation occurs. According to Dianova, this can be explained by taking certain drugs. The specialist explained how fat is formed in men and women. Dianova noted that men are mostly prone to the accumulation of visceral fat, while women are prone to fat accumulation in the lower abdomen and thighs. The doctor stressed that it is necessary to “beat the alarm” as soon as a man’s or woman’s waist begins to exceed 80 centimeters.

As we wrote earlier, gastroenterologist Nuria Dianova said that honey contains a small amount of trace elements and vitamins, so they can’t change medicines with various diseases.