Recently, information has appeared on the Internet that if freckles appear in adulthood, then this is a sign of illness. Is this so, said a senior researcher at the NMITs. Blokhin Igor Samoylenko.

“Freckles themselves are not dangerous, they almost never degenerate into malignant neoplasms. No one is born with freckles – even in children with bright red hair (that is, with the 1st skin phototype), freckles appear later, not in the first days of life, but under the influence of sunlight. This, like all carriers of freckles, is a sign of skin damage by ultraviolet radiation, ” he said.

The expert added that the appearance of freckles is a sign that a person is more sensitive to the sun than the average person. If freckles suddenly appeared in an adult, then these may be malignant neoplasms. For example, lentigo or melanoma. Dermato-onclogs at the appointment often find such lesions in patients who come in for other problems.

If freckles appear every summer, then regular visits to a dermatologist or oncologist should be made to ensure that the person has no other effects of photodamage.

In the USA, the ABCD test was created, which allows a person to independently identify a dangerous mole.

A (asymmetry) – asymmetric;

B (boundary) – borders with uneven contours;

C (color) – color of uneven coloring

D (dimention) – the maximum horizontal dimension (more than 6 millimeters).