The events of the past three years have a depressing effect on the psyche. The “snail effect” is triggered: you want to get into your house, close yourself, isolate yourself from all physical and informational stimuli. Economist and columnist for Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Yakov Mirkin, believes that people have closed themselves off from each other like never before, “some with walls, and some with their souls.”

Why is it dangerous to look into a broken mirror and what does it mean?

Such personal imprisonment is based on certain principles. The expert compiled a detailed list of rules for self-preservation in conditions of forced loneliness. According to the expert, a morally difficult period should be perceived as an “exciting adventure” and go through with a loved one.

“Great time to move in. Hug (so much easier)”says Professor Mirkin.

At this time, personal projects are needed: to try to do something big, to reach new heights – for yourself and for everyone. The movement should be uphill, and not under an avalanche. At the same time, it is important not to withdraw into oneself, to look at everything with curious eyes.

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Communicate more with friends, colleagues, make phone calls that have been put off for weeks or months. The Rossiyskaya Gazeta columnist recalls that there is no need to drive yourself into pain, rage, hatred, blindness. The principle of “Protect yourself” is more relevant than ever.