Drowsiness can occur in a person even during working hours and after a seemingly long rest. According to statistics, it occurs in 45% of the population. Because of this, a person’s quality of life decreases, memory worsens, concentration of attention worsens, and difficulties appear with the ability to “digest” the information received. This was told by the therapist of the “SM-Clinic” Farida Beden.

“Drowsiness, at first glance, is a harmless condition, but if you start to understand the cause, it may turn out that everything is quite serious. The main causes of hypersomnia: non-observance of banal sleep hygiene. Sleep should be eight hours, uninterrupted, at night, preferably from 22:00-06:00, during the period when an important hormone, melatonin, is produced. she told Gazeta.ru.

She added that malignant neoplasms could be the reason for this state of health. In addition, hormonal disorders such as hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, premenstrual syndrome, decreased testosterone levels, menopause, as well as an excess of the hormone melatonin can lead to drowsiness. In addition, this condition may be associated with depression and parasitic diseases. The cause of drowsiness may be night snoring and atherosclerosis.

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