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Today, men are in no hurry to go to the RAGS. Therefore, it seems suspicious if a new acquaintance whom you barely know wants to marry you. But a woman in love doesn’t even want to hear that she might have encountered a swindler, she just brushes off her friends: “But what can you take from me!”

marriage swindler


And yet, check whether you are in the risk zone with the help of our guide to marriage scammers.

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1. Spiritual sister

Some women want not only to find a worthy life partner, but also to consolidate their union with the “blessing” of the stars or some higher forces. They like to get to know each other on astrological forums, yoga classes and various spiritual practices. There, insidious seducers are waiting for them, who are happy to play on other people’s superstitions. Often, such women know the zodiac sign of their chosen one, but are not interested in his last name or place of work. They only care that he is “on the same wavelength” with her. This creates a perfect breeding ground for fraud.

  • Marriage scammers who choose superstitious women often come up with unusual names. After all, believing that fate sent you Lucian is much easier than Vanya or Valera, whom you can meet at every turn.
  • Fraudsters are distinguished by rather free interpretations of the teaching that brings you closer. If you are attentive, you will notice that a man always manages to benefit from existing postulates or precepts.
  • It is difficult for a swindler to constantly adhere to certain canons, so he can often deviate from them – for example, he eats forbidden foods or plays gambling games. At the same time, he will make the highest demands on your behavior.

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2. “Dear” woman

Ladies who set too high a bar for the social status and income of a potential groom often fall into their own trap. Marriage fraudsters actively use the rental of expensive cars and do not skimp on the purchase of branded clothes. Such a man skillfully creates the image of a wealthy and business person, constantly refers to his employment and hints at his involvement in multimillion-dollar deals, the details of which, of course, must be kept secret.

  • Analyze how often you have to pay for the generosity of your husband.
  • You should be alarmed that a new suitor does not hesitate to ask you to borrow a large amount of money.
  • Beware of attractive business projects in which he wants to see you as his partner. This is the most common way to extort money from a gullible young lady.

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3. A single mother

A woman who is torn between work and a child does not always have the opportunity to sit down and calmly think about whether there is a trick in the fact that a new acquaintance so actively insists on living together. It is difficult to suspect a gentleman of any benefit if you live in poverty and do not expect an inheritance. However, it only seems as if nothing can be taken from you. And what about free housing, clean shirts, delicious food, sex, in the end? For a person who does not have his own home and the desire to work, this is not enough.

  • If a man does not work for more than half a year in the absence of total unemployment in your region, he may well turn out to be an ordinary pimp.
  • You should not trust your husband to raise your children. If he is quite irresponsible towards his own life, then he will not be able to teach the child anything good.
  • Not infrequently, homesteaders who enthusiastically dispose of someone else’s property do so not only in exchange for a roof and food, but also hide from law enforcement agencies. Don’t be shy to be curious – ask your husband why he doesn’t want to leave the house one more time.

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4. Romantic nature

A candlelit dinner, a ring in a velvet box and other attributes of a “correct” proposal of the hand and the heart leave no other answer than consent. Hunters for romantic women arrange ambushes at exhibitions, theaters, and parks. A stormy romance does not allow a woman to soberly assess the human qualities of a suitor. In addition, the man answers questions evasively. But no matter how beautiful the rose petals scattered from the entrance door to your apartment look, before you respond to the proposal of your hand and heart, think about what you know about a potential husband.

  • Pay more attention to his actions, not to his words. Comparing beautiful speeches with deeds, you will see the trick.
  • It is suspicious if a man does not get into the essence of your everyday problems, but perks up when talking about salary, shopping, apartment, car.
  • If a man proposes too quickly after meeting you and rushes you to register a marriage, it is better to play it safe and wait to get to know him a little better.

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Have you encountered marriage scammers?