A heart attack may occur without chest pain. The lower back, arm or stomach may be disturbing. This was announced in an interview with URA.RU by cardiologist Andrey Kondrakhin.

“A heart attack has certain masks. It can be hidden as pain in the arm, as pain in the abdomen, lower back. It could all be heart disease.”the expert warned.

He also noted that any pain in the chest is considered potentially dangerous, therefore, with such sensations, it is necessary to call an ambulance. The specialist emphasized that it is better to get to the doctors with neuralgia than to miss a heart attack. Even if a person is able to move and the pain has stopped, says Kondrakhin, it is better to check the heart.

“Then it will be clear what happened to him. The pain in the heart cannot be tolerated, you must immediately contact a medical facility. Because the later the ambulance leaves, the less likely it is to avoid unpleasant consequences. ”Kondrakhin summed up.

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