Fashionable women’s trousers

1. Very wide trousers

Fashionable women's trousers: very wide

Loose-cut trousers have already managed to fall in love with many. And this is not surprising! They go well with almost any style of clothing. For example, both with casual long sleeves and sneakers, and with more strict jackets and classic pumps with heels.

When choosing the perfect wardrobe item, follow just one rule: the wider the trousers, the more fashionable they are.

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2. Trousers with contrasting prints

Fashionable women's trousers: with contrasting prints

Leopard, flowers, zigzags, inscriptions – all this is now at the peak of popularity. Such a bold bottom requires a fairly calm top that could balance the look and make it extravagant, but not pretentious. Therefore, in a pair of trousers with a print, you should choose a plain sweatshirt or a pastel-colored shirt.

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3. Bright plain trousers

Fashionable women's trousers: bright plain models

If you want brightness, but you are not ready for the trousers from the previous paragraph, pay attention to another trendy model. It can be of any style – choose the most preferable for yourself. But the color is important. It should be juicy, fresh and noticeable. For example, raspberry, cornflower blue or emerald.

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4. Light linen trousers

Fashionable women's trousers: light linen

Linen is highly breathable and therefore considered one of the most preferred materials for tailoring light clothing. Pants from it are suitable for the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, when the weather is still warm during the day. Natural fabric has a grayish or warm brown tint. It’s great if the trousers are also light in color, close to natural.

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5. Drawstring trousers

Fashionable women's trousers: with ties at the waist

Being in trend without sacrificing your own comfort is much easier than it seems at first glance. You just need to buy trousers with an adjustable elastic band and drawstrings at the waist. Choose from soft jersey fabrics, tops or cozy long sleeves for a relaxed look for a walk around the city or gatherings in a cafe with friends.

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6. Knitted trousers

Fashionable women's trousers: knitted patterns

Knitted trousers can be called one of the most elegant solutions for the first cool autumn days. Rhyme them with oversized sweaters or cardigans, or pair them with flats for a stylish look. There are no special requirements for the color of these trousers. But it is advisable to choose a free style, flared will also look great.

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7. Cropped pants

Fashionable women's trousers: cropped

It’s simple: if the ankles are visible, then the model is as fashionable as possible and should be in the wardrobe. Designers do not impose any requirements on color, style, decor and additional elements – everything is up to your taste.

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Fashionable men’s trousers

1. Trousers with decor

Fashionable men's trousers: models with decor

Patch pockets, carabiners, massive zippers, inserts from other material or chains. Or even all at once – such a new fashion trend.

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2. Pants in a cage

Fashionable men's trousers: checkered

Classic cage can be any color and size. And this gives complete freedom of choice. If you’re not used to wearing printed pants, opt for smaller, darker lines. If there is more than enough confidence in you, then feel free to choose a noticeable cage or even trousers that resemble a plaid.

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3. Joggers

Fashionable men's trousers: joggers

Loose-fitting trousers with elasticated ankles look cozy and relaxed at home. And if they are also made of soft, pleasant to the touch material, they will definitely become a favorite thing. You can combine them with almost any clothing and shoes in a sporty style.

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4. Corduroy trousers

Fashionable men's trousers: corduroy

Trousers, made of pleasant to the touch fabric with barely visible convex stripes, refer to the 70s of the last century. But despite this, the model with a slight touch of retro is easy to beat and create an actual fresh look. To do this, pair it with a shirt worn over a T-shirt, your favorite longsleeve or even a hoodie. To get to the point, buy pants in brown, sand, burgundy and other warm colors.

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5. Classic denim pants

Fashionable men's trousers: classic jeans

In recent years, jeans with perforations, inserts from fabrics of contrasting materials, artificially aged have been at the peak. Apparently, such a variety tired the designers and became the reason for the revival of the imperishable classics.

This season, we advise you to look at classic straight-cut denim trousers without additional decorations. The color is also no frills – indigo medium saturation.

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