Today, in the selection of Channel 24, we will pay attention to the heroes from famous (and not so) films and TV shows, for whom not everything was so simple in their personal lives. Some were unlucky in relationships, some did not have an easy path to family happiness, and some did not look for a soul mate at all.

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Or maybe they just don’t need love? Often we are shown characters who are too rational and pragmatic for this feeling. Moreover, they are not very worried about this.

Sherlock Holmes (TV series “Sherlock”)

The first character that comes to mind is Sherlock from the series of the same name. The detective’s “armor” became weaker after meeting the charming Irena. Their difficult relationship sometimes looked like rivalry, and sometimes it was a burning passion. At the same time, it is difficult to call them a couple. Rather, it is an intellectual infatuation with each other. In addition, it was mentioned more than once in the series that Holm did not truly love Irena.

Sherlock Holmes and Irene / Photo twitter

Cassie (film)Hope Girl“)

Cassie is about 30. The girl lives with her parents and works in a small cafe. She does not have a loved one, as well as the desire to have a serious relationship. In addition, she also takes revenge on modest guys. What does she do for this? She dresses in daring clothes and goes to a bar in the evening, where she pretends to be drunk. So she “hunts” for another insecure man who will take advantage of her condition. Cassie gives them another test. Already at their house, she abruptly comes to her senses and severely punishes voluptuous companions.

Cassie took revenge on her men / Photo IMDb

Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

Sheldon felt quite comfortable among his social circle, and did not even think about starting a family. And some film critics believe that the character is asexual, because the guy did not show interest in any kind of relationship. However, despite Cooper’s lack of a romantic mood, he managed to attract at least 4 women and one man. True, each time he did not understand the situation at all. This is the case when it was very difficult for the hero to find a soul mate.

With all that, (spoiler!) Sheldon met a girl, Amy, and they made a rather atypical couple. Each of them had their own “cockroaches” in their heads, and their unhurried story developed over several seasons, which eventually ended in a wedding.

Sheldon and Amy / Photo IMDb

Dell (movie “Comet”)

Dell is a young guy who does not believe in love and is only looking for fleeting affairs. Kimberly is a girl who is sure that one day she will meet her only love. And in this picture, a love story is interestingly shown, starting with a romance for a bet. And they have romance in its usual sense: Dell and Kimberly talk on philosophical topics and admire the starry sky. And the guy finally stopped adhering to his principles – and fell in love. And the girl seems to have lost faith in this feeling.

Frame from the film “Comet” / Photo twitter

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Mona (French film “Friends”)

A light and beautiful French drama about a love triangle. In the center of the story are two friends – the arrogant handsome Abel and the modest aspiring actor Clement. One day their friendship “shattered” when both fell in love with Mona a pretty saleswoman in a small coffee shop at the Gare du Nord in Paris. But Moni is not up to the novel now, and she does not pay attention to any of them. The girl has a secret that haunts her. It turns out that the beauty is serving time in prison. True, conditionally. But she still needs to check in there every night.

French drama “Friends” / Photo twitter