From birth to death, our heart does a tremendous non-stop job, constantly pumping blood from one part of the body to another. Cardiologist Azizkhon Askarov assures us that murmurs in our heart can not only be harbingers of diseases, but also be a kind of norm. In an interview with, the doctor told what to look for in case of health problems, and how to treat heart murmurs that have arisen.

The cardiologist believes that the cause of the noise is the acceleration of blood flow. Sometimes they occur in random people who do not have cardiovascular problems, such as fever, exercise, or overexcitement due to emotions. But if suddenly you start to faint, cough up blood, feel a sharp suffocation and experience severe chest pain, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

In addition to an urgent consultation with a specialist, the doctor advises to immediately stop smoking, stop exhausting yourself with physical exertion and stress less. These are very serious things, if you constantly put off taking care of your health, you can easily get chronic heart failure. With this disease, you will have to immediately change the heart valve or correct the structure.

Modern medicine has many ways and possibilities for the treatment of heart disease. The most important component of success is the diagnosis of the disease at an early stage and the prevention of possible complications.

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