People over 30 are more susceptible to allergies, rheumatism and cardiovascular disease. This was told by the general director of the Medical Center for Immunocorrection named after Khodanova, a therapist of the highest qualification Lyudmila Lapa. Reports URA.RU.

The expert noted that after the age of 30, people more often turn to doctors with various allergies and atopic dermatitis. It also increases the risk of severe rheumatoid diseases with age, which patients often do not pay due attention to, and come to specialists when complications already arise.

Also, according to the doctor, the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases over the years. Especially those who are professionally involved in sports.

“We hear that 30-year-olds are dying of a heart attack. Who is on the football field, who is in boxing competitions, who is on the ski track. There are very large overloads, and they are insidious for any person, and the risk of such diseases is very high.added the doctor.

The specialist noted that everyone should take care of their health, starting from a young age, so that when they get older, they less often go to doctors. The therapist also reminded that bad habits also aggravate the condition of the body: alcohol abuse, smoking, and others. Often, the wrong lifestyle that a person led in his youth leads to the development of serious diseases at an older age.

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