Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have their own characteristics of transmission. Obstetrician-gynecologist Elena Ermolaeva spoke about the places where it is possible to catch an infection.

Maximum caution

The expert noted that there are more than thirty types of STDs. Some of them have other modes of transmission. So, the infection can be transmitted by a mother to her child during childbirth (this applies to HIV, hepatitis and human papillomavirus). You can catch the disease when using non-sterile syringes and injection needles (parenteral route of infection), reports

The likelihood of parenteral infection occurs not only in people who abuse drugs, but also occurs when undergoing treatment or providing unskilled services in beauty salons and medical organizations. Clients of private masters are also at risk if they neglect sanitary requirements.

Infection with some diseases can occur with a kiss. So you can catch labial herpes, which is popularly called the cold on the lips, or the human papillomavirus.

Due to the fact that there are always lesions on the surface of the skin, with close contact with the affected area, you can become infected with genital herpes.

It is worth remembering that the causative agents of sexually transmitted infections are not able to live long outside the human body, so it is impossible to catch the disease in public places. Therefore, do not be afraid to visit baths, toilets, transport, swimming pools. The infection is not transmitted when using sun loungers on the beach.