In Novosibirsk, doctors performed a real miracle – thanks to them, the life of a tiny girl was saved, who was born with multiple heart defects. A few years ago, medicine was powerless in such situations, but today even the most hopeless babies are pulled out of the other world. This is what happened to a small resident of Omsk, reports

The baby was born weighing only 1600 grams. At the same time, there was simply no time to wait for the child to grow up and get stronger – an urgent operation was required, and only doctors from the neighboring region could perform it. As a result, the girl was taken from Omsk to Novosibirsk, to the National Medical Research Center named after academician E. N. Meshalkin.

“Little children have a hard time with ‘open’ interventions. For this reason, in our practice, we try to minimize surgical aggression in the treatment of such patients, who are at risk for the development of complications and adverse outcomes.– the press service quotes the words of the cardiovascular surgeon Natalia Nichai.

from Donbass.