Every year before the New Year holidays, many Russians begin to actively get rid of extra pounds. There is only one goal – you need to fit the perfect outfit, and at the festive table you could afford too much. Weight correction consultant Anna Makarova told me when is the best time to start losing weight for the holidays.

According to the specialist, temporary diets are doomed to failure, because the result of severe restrictions eventually ends in a breakdown at festive events. There comes a time when you do not need to monitor nutrition. In addition, such methods are a direct path to weight gain over the years. Eating problems can also arise from overly strict weight loss methods. The expert spoke about this in an interview with aif.ru.

How to lose weight?

In nutrition, stability is needed so that you do not have to reduce weight by a specific time. However, the New Year is coming soon and I want to do at least something during this period. The specialist gave several recommendations.

Set power mode

You need to eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You can treat yourself a little and include a couple of healthy snacks. It is best to take small breaks in eating – from three to four hours. Between them you can not eat anything, you can only drink water. Thus, you can stop “biting” and reduce the amount eaten per day.