Just imagine: eat and not get fat. Scientists believe that there are negative calorie foods that allow you not to gain weight and even lose it. There are so few calories in such products that the body spends several times more energy on their digestion.

Nutritionist Lyudmila Denisenko, in an interview with KP.RU, noted that zero calorie content was recorded in only one product – water. Everything else consists of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. However, some foods are digested more slowly by the body.

Since some of the foods are digested more slowly by the body, as a result of their consumption, a negative calorie balance occurs.”, Denisenko explained.

We are talking about products with an abundance of fiber. These include many fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries, and legumes. The more of these foods a person consumes, the fewer calories the body receives.

Denisenko noted that in reality this theory does not work. The difference between calories and energy expended is negligible. This is too little to lose weight.

To lose half a kilogram or even a quarter of a kilogram, you need to burn hundreds of calories, and the units that you get from the so-called negative calorie foods will definitely not play a role.”, — the expert exposed the myth.

One way or another, products from this category are extremely useful. According to the expert, they should be included in the diet of any losing weight person.

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