Four symptoms of thyroid cancer were named by oncologist Madina Radjabova in an interview with Doctor Peter.

According to her, a malignant tumor of the endocrine organ can be provoked by such risk factors as: living in areas with iodine deficiency; being previously in a zone with high radiation and receiving radioactive exposure; growing thyroid nodules; other malignant neoplasms; and received radiation treatment in the area of ​​the thyroid gland.

Radjabova noted that thyroid cancer can be suspected due to: hoarseness of voice; enlarged lymph nodes in the neck; difficulty swallowing food; the appearance of dense formations in the area just below the Adam’s apple.

The specialist recommends regularly donating blood for hormones, as well as doing an ultrasound scan so as not to miss the disease. The doctor noted that thyroid hormones are not tumor markers, but help to identify inflammation of the gland, at which time malignant cells can develop. Timely detection of the disease significantly increases the chances of success in the fight against it.

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