Cancer is a terrible and almost incurable disease. Its cunning lies in the problem of diagnosis: tumors are often found in the last stages, when the body is weakening before our eyes. With oncology in minors, everything is much more complicated. However, there are still atypical symptoms that indicate the possible development of a dangerous condition. Indira Yunusova, Head of the Department of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology of the Republican Clinical Hospital of Dagestan, spoke in more detail about them.

be careful

The physician noticed that in the early stages of cancer, many children feel unwell. We are talking, in particular, about a sharply enlarged belly, an allegedly causeless increase in body temperature, nosebleeds and even vomiting, which is typical for brain tumors.

“There are so-called symptoms-masks. This is an incomprehensible bruising rash on the body, a fever that does not respond to antibiotic therapy, these are bone pains, an enlarged liver, spleen, and lymph nodes, ” – quotes a FAN specialist.

Yunusova stressed that all of the above may indicate the development of other diseases. But parents, in her opinion, are obliged to show attention and take the child for a consultation with a specialist. The latter, in no case, should not immediately dismiss the option with childhood malignant tumors.

“When a child has vomiting or a headache, the doctor, as a rule, runs to a neurologist or an infectious disease specialist, and in the end it turns out that all this was dictated by a tumor that developed in the brain,” Indira Yunusova explained.

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