Yes, Roku tweeted a still from the biopic Strange: The Al Yankovic Story. In the photo, the winner of five Grammy awards is the musician and parodist “Amazing Al” Yankovic, played by Daniel Radcliffe.

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In the photo, the actor holds an accordion in his hands. Togoofy, mustache, Hawaiian shirt and glasses are integral elements of Yankovik’s cinematic image.

Promo shot of the biopic “Strange: The Al Yankovic Story” / Photo twitter

Biopic “Strange: The Al Yankovic Story”: what is the movie about

This is a comedy film about the creative path of American musician Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic.

He became famous for his parodies of popular American songs.

The film promises to tell about the most intimate of the different periods of the artist’s life. In particular, you will learn about Yankovik’s love affairs with celebrities.

Filming began in Los Angeles in February 2022. The premiere date has not yet been announced.