What do Macaulay Culkin, Garfield’s cat and Friends have in common? That’s right – pizza! In these and many other cult films, the main characters often order, eat or even cook it. Well, for example…

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Today, December 6, 2007, the art of making Neapolitan pizza has been included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is in Naples that the history of this dish begins in the late 1700s. This Italian city is considered the birthplace of pizza – dough with tomatoes and cottage cheese.

“Sex and the City”

In the series, the heroines ordered themselves a large pizza on the occasion of a housewarming party. Then Charlotte York moved into a new home, and the girls helped her unpack things.

Frame from the series “Sex and the City” / Photo by savoirflair


Everyone is used to the fact that cats, both in life and on the screen, should catch and eat mice. With Garfield, everything is completely different: his favorite pastime is to do nothing and eat. However, the picture where the cat is all smeared with sauce, and empty pizza boxes lie nearby, is known even to those who have not watched this cartoon. By the way, the fluffy loves the usual Margarita.

Cat Garfield eats pizza / Photo forum-kinozal


Ross from Friends loved veggie pizzas. And he ate two at a time.

“Friends” also could not live without pizza / Photo yasss

“Himself at home”

Perhaps one of the most famous pizza scenes is when the inventive Kevin was left at home alone and, of course, ordered pizza in the first place. The young gourmet then chose cheese.

Kevin McCallister ordered pizza / Photo twitter

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“Eat, Pray, Love”

Julia Roberts, who played the title role, travels the world. And the woman decided to have a snack in Naples. And, of course, pizza. After all, this city became the birthplace of “Margarita”.

Frame from the film “Eat, Pray, Love” / Photo by justitalia