Strain “deltakron” at the moment does not pose any serious danger. However, the appearance in the near future of a more severe mutation of the coronavirus is possible. And then mankind will have to face considerable problems, Alexander Gintsburg, director of the Gamaleya Center, said in an exclusive interview with we.

The specialist noted that now “deltacron” demonstrates a great potential for the variability of the COVID-19 virus and is not limited to point mutations.

“In addition to variability at mutation points, there is also variability, which is determined scientifically, this is called recombination. This is when two viruses infect the same cell at the same time. Genetic exchange takes place between the genetic material of these viruses. Therefore, this pathogen has a great potential for variability. It is possible that we will have to deal with a very large number of modified forms of the virus, which will have great epidemiological potential. And we will have problems, Gunzburg explained.

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