TV series “Zlomovchannya“has already managed to attract moviegoers. This is not surprising, because the plot of the film will be tense, and the ups and downs of a detective story will be able to chain everyone to the screens.

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Interestingly, especially for Ksenia Mishina, the authors of the series made amendments to the script. They significantly changed the image of the main character – a Ukrainian philanthropist and wife of an influential Croatian businessman. And, judging by the posters and the trailer, from this “Zlomovchannya“It gets even more interesting.

Ksenia Mishina in the series “Zlomovchannya” / Photo by OLL.TV

What is known about the series “Zlomovchannya

The first Ukrainian original series was filmed based on the novel Election Silence. The book gained a lot of publicity, because it highlighted the high-profile sex scandal that thundered in Croatia in the past decade. Then pupils of the local orphanage admitted that businessmen and athletes persuaded them to prostitution.

The resonant case was investigated by the journalist Drago Hadl, who based these events on the basis of the novel Selective Silence. The book became the first part of the “Slavonic trilogy”, where the author touched upon the topics of sexual slavery, human and arms trafficking in Eastern Europe, as well as opened the backstage of the criminal business.

Bestsellers have not gone unnoticed by filmmakers. Marian Alchevski adapted the plot of “Selective Silence” and created a detective story. The talented director Dalibor Matanich undertook to film it. He attracted many Ukrainian and Croatian actors to the shooting. In particular, inZlomovchannya“played:

  • Ksenia Mishina,
  • Goran Bogdan,
  • Darko Milas,
  • Victor Saraikin,
  • Sandra Loncaric,
  • Andrey Isaenko,
  • Irina Verenich-Ostrovskaya,
  • Igor Gnezdilov,
  • Peter Ninevsky.

The main actors of the series “Zlomovchannya” / Photo by OLL.TV

The plot of the seriesZlomovchannya

In the center of the events of the series is the wife of an influential Croatian businessman Olga. She learns about the disappearance of her 15-year-old niece in Kyiv and goes in search of the girl. The investigation will lead the main character from the Ukrainian capital to the Croatian city of Osijek, which is controlled by the local mafia. It is there that Olga is waiting for a lot of dangerous situations.

It turns out that the Ukrainian is not the only one who investigates the mysterious disappearances of girls. In Osijek, she will meet policeman Vladimir and journalist Stribor, with whom she will find out the details of a complicated case in tandem. Heroes”Zlomovchannya” it will be possible to find out that local criminals are involved in the disappearance of young Ukrainian women who become victims of sexual slavery. Is there Olga’s niece among them and who is covering this business – viewers will find out unexpected answers to these questions after watching a fascinating series.

Zlomovchannya“: watch the teaser of the series

“My heroine is constantly fighting,” says Ksenia Mishina. “Despite all the trials and difficulties that fall on her, there is always a place in her heart for noble deeds. You know, no matter how dangerous her external enemies were, her main task is to cope with herself. And that’s why she impresses me very much. There were many challenges in working on this picture. Sometimes it was very difficult. But I think that fate presented this project to me precisely because I had the ability to cope with it. “

Where to look “Zlomovchannya“with Ksenia Mishina

Premiere Exclusive”Zlomovchannya” took place December 10, 2021. Ukrainians can see 6 parts of the crime drama about OLL.TV.

Episode release datesZlomovchannya” in Ukraine:

  • December 10 – 1, 2 episodes;
  • December 17 – episode 3;
  • December 24 – Episode 4;
  • December 31 – Episode 5;
  • January 7 – episode 6.

Premiere”Zlomovchannya“: watch the video

Interesting facts about “Zlomovchannya

  • Especially for filming, Ksenia Mishina mastered the Croatian language. The actress spoke so perfectly and without an accent that the locals considered her a Croatian.
  • Budget for each episodeZlomovchannya” amounted to 260 thousand euros. In the entire history of Ukrainian cinematography, several series have been shot with such a large budget.

Zlomovchannya – one of the most expensive Ukrainian series / Photo by OLL.TV

  • According to UN estimates, from 1991 to 2017, 260,000 Ukrainians suffered from slavery, including labor and sexual slavery. And during the pandemic, these statistics began to grow more actively. TV series Zlomovchannya“allows viewers to see the truth about sex slavery.
  • There are many explicit scenes in the series. Zlomovchannya” was filmed for a streaming service, so the authors had no restrictions on showing spicy, naturalistic and other bold shots.

Ksenia Mishina in the series “Zlomovchannya” / Photo by OLL.TV

  • Filming”Zlomovchannya” covered a lot of picturesque locations of Kyiv. In the drama, you can see scenes from Podol, St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral, the Parus skyscraper, factories on Fishing Island and many other parts of the Ukrainian capital.
  • Filmed in four languages: the characters of the series communicate in Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian and English. Viewers will be able to viewZlomovchannya“with original voice acting or choose Ukrainian dubbing.
  • Zlomovchannya“- the first Ukrainian original series. The filmmakers plan to release about 10 OLL.TV original films annually. These projects will feature better picture quality, more complex storytelling and bolder themes than what is seen on traditional television.