Excess weight is good for the body, but, of course, not always and not in all cases. This statement was made by TV presenter, Dr. Alexander Myasnikov.

According to him, it is primarily about the elderly. At their age, the fat layer acts as some kind of protection, so weight loss can be perceived by the body as a disease.

Myasnikov also noted that young people cope with the problem of excess weight much easier. He gave some advice: walk more and give the body an optimal load, for example, refuse the elevator and walk up the stairs.

Russian doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.Russian doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov. Photo: www.globallookpress.com / Vadim Tarakanov

Earlier, we said that Myasnikov and Alla Osipova, a general practitioner listed three the main mistakes that people suffering from hypertension make. Doctors noted that they can lead to negative health effects.

In pursuit of a beautiful and slender body, many make many mistakes, for which they then pay with their own health for years. Doctor Alexander Myasnikov told what are the most common mistakes committed by those who want to quickly get in shape.