We will show a set of movements that will work not only the press, but also other muscles of the body, including the hip flexors and extensors of the back, as well as the shoulders, arms and hips.

The joint inclusion of different muscle groups teaches them to work more efficiently, and balance movements additionally pump balance.

How to do the workout

The complex consists of the following exercises:

  1. Plank spread.
  2. “Bearish” penetration to the side.
  3. Turns sitting with touching the knee with the elbow.
  4. Straightening the legs in the “bear” plank.

Set a timer and do each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest the rest of the minute and move on to the next one. One circle will take you two minutes.

After that, rest for the prescribed 30 seconds and start again. Perform 3-5 circles, focusing on your condition.

How to do exercises

Plank reversal

Stand in an emphasis lying, tighten the press and check that the shoulders are located above the hands. Raise your right leg, bend it at the knee and bring it closer to your left elbow. Feel the contraction of the oblique abdominal muscles on the left side.

Then straighten the right thigh, tear off the floor with the right hand, turn the body to the right and place the right foot behind the left. Stretch your right hand to the ceiling, open your chest. Straighten the body in one line from the left foot to the top of the head. Squeeze your glutes to keep your pelvis from dropping. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and return back to plank.

Repeat the same on the other side. Now you will bring the left knee to the right elbow, and then turn the body to the left side. Alternate sides through time.

“Bearish” sideways penetration

Get on all fours, and then lift your knees off the floor, distributing the weight on the balls of your feet and palms – this position is called the “bear” plank.

Step your right foot to the right, and place your left palm next to your right. After that, your arms will be narrower than at the beginning, and your legs, on the contrary, are wider.

Then simultaneously take a step with your left foot and right hand to the right, returning to the same position from which you started. Perform three such bundles to the right, and then repeat the same to the left.

When you head in the opposite direction, the left leg and right arm will take the first step. Keep pacing back and forth until the end of the work interval. Make sure that the press does not relax, the shoulders do not rise to the ears, and the knees remain low from the floor.

Turns sitting with touching the knee with the elbow

Sit on the mat, bend your knees at a right angle and place your heels on the floor. Raise your hands in front of your chest, bend at the elbows and connect your fingers, placing one hand on top of the other.

Tighten your abs and straighten your back as far as possible. Raise your right knee and touch it with your left elbow, turning your body to the left. Lower your heel to the floor and repeat the same on the other side.

Keep turning right and left, trying to twist your body better and keep your back straight.

Straightening the legs in the “bear” plank

Get in the “bearish” plank. Check that the legs are bent at the knee and hip joints at a right angle, and the shoulders are located above the hands.

Holding the position, lift your right leg off the floor and straighten it completely. Hold the position for a second, return the foot back to the floor and repeat on the other side.

Alternate legs every other time. Make sure that the body remains level, despite the raised leg.

Write how you workout. Did you manage to feel all the muscles of the body?