Repair – is it long, nervous and expensive? Not at all, if you use life hacks from real pros in home improvement. Together with Leroy Merlin and popular video bloggers, we have collected tips on how to transform the bathroom and kitchen without extra expenses, arrange lighting in the apartment, choose tools and materials for construction, and also create a comfortable seating area in the garden.

And so that readers of Lifehacker could immediately put these recommendations into practice, Leroy Merlin announced a drawing of gift cards. To participate in the contest, it was necessary to carefully study the articles, watch the video and answer three questions from the telegram bot. 12 participants of the drawing coped with this task and received certificates for 10,000 rubles. And in the final test of 8 questions, a gift card for 50,000 rubles was at stake.

In total, the chatbot gathered 2,741 unique participants, and 1,077 people answered the questions of the final draw.

We spoke with 3 of the 13 winners and found out if it was difficult to deal with tricky questions and what they plan to spend the certificates won on.

Anastasia Shovikova

The winner of the contest about the transformation of the bathroom.

I have been reading Lifehacker for a long time, and I saw information about the draw in an article on bathroom renovation. My decision to participate in the competition is a funny story. First of all, I have never won anything! Secondly, my husband and I rode in a taxi from my parents’ apartment, where we discussed that it would be nice to update the bathroom and make light cosmetic repairs. And suddenly I see an article about renovating the bathroom and I say to my spouse: “Look, I’ll participate now – and we can just start the renovation!” We laughed, of course, but I still took part in the competition and … won! To be honest, I didn’t even believe it. This is such a lucky and funny coincidence. The certificate will be very handy – we will just update the bathroom a bit. We will buy faucets, a sink and other pleasant little things for the interior.

The test seemed simple, but there were questions with a small catch – obviously for those who watched the video and read the article. It was interesting. For me, as for a person who has never done repairs himself and imagined with horror how it would be in the near future, there was a lot of new and useful information about the right materials, methods for selecting them and other nuances that need to be taken into account.

To learn how to update a bathroom even on a small budget, this article will help you with a video by Alexander Kondratov, the author of the YouTube channel “Interior is Available”.

Mikhail Rudnev

Garden Design Competition Winner.

I learned about the draw on the Lifehacker page on VKontakte. I decided to participate: suddenly luck will turn its face, and knowledge about repairs is never superfluous. The test did not seem difficult if you carefully read the articles and watch the video. The project materials were quite useful, for example, about kitchen furniture and especially about building materials for the house, since I am a complete layman in this.

What will I use the certificate for? In the near future, my girlfriend and I are planning to buy our own house, so the range of purchases for future repairs is quite wide – from interior paints to outdoor furniture.

Autumn is the time to take care of the garden plot and prepare it for the cold. To draw up an action plan, read the article and watch the video of the author of the Do-it-yourself YouTube channel Sergey Safronov.

Marina Khachumova

Winner of the final draw.

I learned about the competition from Lifehacker’s article about gardening. I wondered if I could pass the test without errors. I can’t say that the questions were quite simple, it was necessary to carefully read the materials. But the information in the articles was presented in an accessible language, so the test did not cause any particular difficulties.

The videos and articles were very informative and the information was presented in an easy and simple way, so I learned a lot about repair and choosing the right technique for myself. I plan to use the acquired knowledge and certificate for the renovation of the bathroom, which I still could not decide.

Get inspired and understand the intricacies of interior renovation will help the articles of the project #PumpRemont.