Singer Yuri Shatunov died at the age of 48. According to one version, the cause was a massive heart attack, which surprised many: the musician never publicly complained about heart problems. Later it became known that Shatunov died the same death, like his mother.

we spoke with terpavert cardiologist Natalya Gavrilyuk. The doctor does not know the history of Yuri Shatunov’s illness, but suggests that the cause could be atherosclerotic plaques in the heart, which do not grow as fast as is commonly believed.

“This process is indolent, but the destabilization of a plaque of even a small size can really lead to a heart attack in young people. often these heart attacks are fatal due to the fact that the myocardium is not prepared for ischemia, compared with older people, — said the cardiologist.

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The doctor also reported on the option when thrombosis is formed in the arteries themselves – this is a rather rare situation when “the lumen of the plaque is completely filled with thrombotic masses without atherosclerosis.”

“Sometimes people confuse atherosclerosis and such thrombosis of the coronary arteries. There is even inflammation of the coronary arteries, the so-called coronaritis, Gavrilyuk said.

Shatunov’s friends before the artist’s death.