Influenza vaccination has begun in Russia. This season is expected to be dominated by four strains, of which two are new: Darwin and Austria. Immunologists recommend doing two vaccinations at the same time: both against the flu and against the coronavirus, so that the immune system is not stressed twice.

But that’s not all. Autumn is a time of new worries for allergy sufferers too. Fungi and mold multiply in wet foliage, and wet animal hair provokes a runny nose even in seemingly persistent dog breeders and cat lovers.

Against this background, the statement of the head of the FMBA, the former Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova, that a universal allergy vaccine has been developed in Russia, is being tested and is performing very well, sounded like a real sensation.

There have been talks about working on such a drug for several years. Russian scientists worked in cooperation with colleagues from Austria, and, characteristically, these ties were not interrupted, despite the sanctions. And now we are at the finish line. Roman Ishmukhametov found out how it works and when the vaccine will arrive at the vaccination stations.

Dmitry Kuklachev is the son of his father. Honestly continues the work of the most famous cat trainer in the world. But at what cost!
He loves cats, but, one might say, he can’t stand the spirit – an allergy to wool manifested itself in him at the age of five, Ishmukhametov said.

“It was an attack, and the attack was so strong that I could not breathe and I was taken almost out of a coma. It was probably a tragic part of my life, because I wanted to perform with my dad, ” said the head of the Kuklachev Cat Theater Dmitry Kuklachev.

Such as Dmitry – suffering from various kinds of allergies – today around the world 2 billion. And by the middle of the century, according to scientists, all earthlings will be allergic. Here it is – the true plague of the 21st century.

Any substance can cause disease. There is nothing in the world today that has not at least once caused illness. Allergens are everywhere. In animal fur. In flowers and plants. In the foods we eat. In the liquids we drink.

Tanya does not go anywhere without medication. Her allergy to pollen is so severe that she has to call an ambulance every other time. She tries to heal, but…

One such drug in the form of five vials costs 12-13 thousand, in the form of tablets – 6 thousand!” — Tatyana Karaseva said.

To make it even a little easier to take medicine, you need not ten days, and not a month, but from three to six years. The only option is to take the allergen in microdoses, gradually increasing the volume. Doctors still couldn’t think of anything better.

“This is a long-term treatment, it involves treatment in a hospital. Not in all cases, if we are talking about injections, there are also sublingual forms for some allergens. But to say that this is a panacea, works for everyone – no, of course, ”- explained the immunologist, allergist Nikolai Kryuchkov.

Natalya Ilyina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Deputy Director for Clinical Work of the State Scientific Center “Institute of Immunology” of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of the Russian Federation, noted.

Why this sensation becomes clear when doctors carefully predict the duration of taking a new drug.

“There are only three injections. This is very little. This is very good progress.” said allergist, immunologist Alexei Popov.

Actually, the artificial allergen is a sensation in itself. Previously, technology did not allow this to be achieved. Russian scientists, together with Austrian colleagues, succeeded. They continue to cooperate, despite the anti-Russian madness going on around. The question of saving mankind is more important.

“I have been working in Russia with scientists with whom I have been collaborating since 2018. It was important for me, because it became possible to create a laboratory with Russian colleagues,” said the scientist Rudolf Valenta.

Moreover, the allergy itself evolves in some way.

“Unfortunately, now I have reached the point where I react to everything. Of the courses of treatment, I used standard ones, that is, courses of antihistamines, to which allergies also began, courses of hormonal drugs, ” shared Alexey Gusev.

For people like Alexei, the function of a kind of face control is disrupted in the body: skip – do not miss. It is performed by B-lymphocytes. For allergy sufferers, they do not work properly. They take their own for strangers, and strangers for their own. It’s all due to a genetic defect. Breakdown of just one gene in 30,000 can result in severe asthma or death from a regular headache pill, or an attack after meeting a cat. Dmitry Kuklachev says that he has learned to get along with his curse and his favorite thing.

“You need to breathe in such a way as to accumulate carbon dioxide in your body. And this is done – through long training, through training, ”- Kuklachev said.

During the recording of this interview, there was not a single animal in the hall, but for some reason the head of the Cat Theater had wet eyes. He is also waiting and hoping for a vaccine. By the end of the year, preclinical trials will be completed.