The distribution of Nobel Prizes has ended in Stockholm. The latter, in economics, was awarded to the former head of the US Federal Reserve System, Ben Bernanke, over whom many laughed at the idea of ​​distributing as much money as possible during a crisis.

Nobel Prize Winners 2022

He said that it would be nice to scatter them from a helicopter, so he was nicknamed “helicopter Ben”. But during the 2008 crisis, he did just that – he distributed the printed “helicopter” money to banks, not to industrial enterprises. And America, having created this crisis, itself went through it softer than the rest of the world.

Another laureate from medicine is the Swede Svante Paabo. He learned to distinguish DNA from fossilized bones so cleverly that he deciphered the Neanderthal genome and proved that these guys are not our ancestors, but the neighbors of our ancestors. And he also discovered in the Urals a previously unknown subspecies of people – “Denisovites”.

And finally, in chemistry, a rare case – the American Barry Sharpless became a Nobel laureate twice. This time for having figured out how to quickly and cheaply construct complex molecules from simple ones. Like Lego. He called it “click chemistry” because the reaction takes place in literally one “click”.

The benefits of fat in the fight against cancer

I chose these laureates from the Nobel list because in Russia they came up with a theory of evolution that intersects with all three listed Nobel achievements. Although we are talking about fat – ordinary human fat, which many people call extra pounds.

From an evolutionary point of view, fat may be one of the directions for improving the human body. That is: the more fat, the better for evolution. And here we recall the theory of “helicopter Ben”. The Swede Paabo with his Neanderthals and Denisovans will confirm that 50 thousand years ago being overweight was a rarity. Finally, drugs designed by Sharpless click chemistry can be used to combat obesity.

Eating strictly according to scheduleno sweets, daily consultations with a nutritionist – Alexandra is already halfway to her ideal figure.

“I decided to go to a nutrition consultant because I reached a hundred kilograms. When I began to see myself in photographs, I did not like my image. And a lot of health problems started. You will lose five or ten kilograms, but they immediately returned. Moreover, they returned in volumes”— complained Alexandra Metkaya.

Perhaps now everyone who dreams of a thin waist will have to reconsider their usual methods. Scientists from St. Petersburg University decided to take a fresh look at being overweight. Studies have shown that adipose tissue has the same properties as tumors. And this opens up new possibilities for medicine.

“Technologies developed in the field of oncology can be applied to obesity processes. And vice versa – technologies that have been developed to combat obesity, including various diets, they can be applied in oncological diseases.– said Andrey Kozlov, professor at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Theory, which is still far from practice. Doctors are in no hurry to treat obesity with anticancer drugs. Although the connection between obesity and the development of certain cancers has been established.

“Overweight plays a role in many malignant neoplasms. The diet has a significant effect on the development of cancer. We are what we eat”– said the oncologist and surgeon Alexander Volkov.

Fat is an internal organ

Further more. University scientists consider fat an independent internal organ. Moreover, this body, by the standards of evolution, is young. And once it has appeared, it can be useful for a person. There are examples.

— shared the singer.

Both oncology and complications caused by excess weight are among the most common causes of death. And if there are no effective methods of cancer prevention yet, then it is much easier to cope with obesity in the early stages. Improper nutrition, stress, a sedentary lifestyle – all these factors imperceptibly deposit kilograms around the waist. But being overweight is not in itself disease. Until there is too much fat in the body.

Weight loss methods

Adipose tissue for her, maybe a separate, but clearly undesirable organ. With excess weight, Julia decided to fight radically. When the numbers on the scales exceeded a hundred kilograms, she lay down under the knife of surgeons. Resection operations, that is, the removal of part of the stomach, are now gaining popularity in Russia.

“This is problem. I see myself differently. I want to be slimmer, I want, of course, to dress more beautifully. I want minus 35 kilograms. I’m sure it will be perfect for me.”said the patient.

For such operations, people are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of rubles, although they know that after life there will be no sugar. No sweet, spicy, fried. And constant self-control.

“We use this method only when all existing methods of conservative therapy have been used and shown to be ineffective”– explained Valery Strezheletsky, chief physician of the hospital of St. George.

Losing weight with a glass of red in your hands is much more pleasant. Moscow students invented the dream drink of many overweight Russians – wine for weight loss. I drank in the morning – and the whole day does not pull on food. The main thing is to know the measure and not to eat something harmful.

“We have both alcohol and sugar in it, but the key feature of wine is in the biologically active substances that we add to it. And the dose of consumption, if considered as a medicinal product, is small – 30 milliliters before meals as an aperitif.— Egor Nesterov, student of the Moscow State University of Food Production.

Even if the theory of scientists from the Polytechnic University is continued, there are many years of research and various experiments ahead. That same one pill for all ailments will not appear soon.