Every day, in order to wake up and cheer up, most people start their morning with a cup of coffee. Sometimes several in a morning. The body may require several servings, including due to the addiction that caffeine causes.

Have you noticed increased anxiety? Perhaps you should give up coffee. We tell what will happen to the body if this drink is excluded from the diet.

quality sleep

You may feel a little tired at first because of not drinking coffee. Give yourself time – later sleep will become stronger and better. The side effect may last longer if you drink several cups of coffee a day.

Caffeine disrupts the biological cycle that leads to insomnia. Even if you stop using it in the afternoon, it will already make your sleep better, and in the morning you will wake up more energetic than you felt before.

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Weight change

Like quitting other bad habits, cutting out coffee can lead to both weight gain and weight loss. Depends on what kind of drinks you prefer.

Lattes and cappuccinos contain milk, and many people like to add sweet syrups, sugar or cream to the glass. If you stop indulging yourself in these types of coffees with additives, then it is likely that you will lose weight.

But sometimes coffee reduces appetite. If you’re a strong espresso drinker, cutting it out of your diet can make you crave something to eat.