It doesn’t matter when you graduated from high school – a year ago or fifteen. September 1 still remains a psychologically important milestone. Summer ends, the townspeople return from vacations and fill the autumn streets. No, no, and you will feel an attack of nostalgia: how you want to fill out a diary, buy colored gel pens, with which you will accurately keep notes only in the first three days, and then you will forget. And, of course, to come to class in a new outfit – such that all classmates (and classmates!) Are stunned.

Fortunately, a stylish school look is magic, available outside of Hogwarts. Let’s figure out how to apply it.

What trending things to pay attention to

There are many things in fashion that are typical for a school or student wardrobe. So there are plenty to choose from.

1. Bomber

Photo: Celine, Versace

These short zip-up jackets were hot trends a few years ago, many still didn’t have time to demolish them from that wave. But for the fall season of 2022, the bomber jacket is experiencing a renaissance. True, there are somewhat more voluminous models on the agenda than before, but here you already rely on your taste and preferences.

The easiest way to wear a bomber is wide open – so it fits perfectly into many looks. If you plan to fasten it, try on options of different lengths and choose a model with a loose elastic band so as not to greatly distort the proportions of the figure. (However, if this does not bother you, wear it as you like: these are clothes for a person, not a person for clothes.)

What to buy

2. Wide trousers and jeans

Photo: KHAITE, Amiri

Wide-leg pants with a mid to high waist make your legs look endless. Perhaps this is not the most suitable option for the class due to its impracticality: long legs in autumn slush are clearly a one-day story. But for the school style it’s quite – adult girls can afford a taxi or protect themselves from dirt in other ways.

If restrained styles aren’t your thing, consider baggy jeans and cargo pants with accent patch pockets. The head teacher would not appreciate this. But you’re not in school anymore, so give yourself permission to wear these trendy pieces.

What to buy

3. Clothing with a sporty aesthetic

Photo: adidas x Gucci

It’s more of a trend, and it gives more variety than a specific thing. It fits clothes with stripes, cuffs with elastic, contrasting colors in one product.

If you like a more restrained style, you can separately highlight the aesthetics of horse racing. Polo shirts, jockey boots, small check – all this looks concise and is still great for our purposes.

What to buy

4. Vests

Photo: Zara, Princes Seam

We are talking about those vests that look like part of a three-piece suit, but are quite successfully worn on their own. They can be fitted or left loose. They put them on both the second layer and on the naked body – as far as courage and weather allow.

What to buy

5. Platform shoes

Photo: Versace, Versace

And both options are in use – with and without a heel. Check out the colorful square toe models and the kids’ sandal-style shoes with round toe and bridging.

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What images in school style can be tried on

Here are some options from movies and TV shows that you can use. It’s not worth quoting them verbatim, but adapting them for yourself is completely.

1. Private school student

Usually the form is approached quite conservatively. So you can take a series or a movie of almost any year as a reference. Focusing on modern projects in this sense is perhaps even more difficult: in some “Euphoria” people dress as far as possible from school standards. However, variations of Korean student style are abundant in dramas.

And it is better to follow a few rules:

  • Pleated ultramini skirts are best left to Britney Spears at the dawn of her career. Not because you can’t wear such a length – it’s just in trend. It’s just that the image is utterly fetishized and is no longer associated with schoolgirls, but with those who play them under very specific circumstances.
  • Choose the right jacket. It can be long or short, but still loose enough. Try on the leather option (it can be artificial, it’s cheaper and more humane), this material is also in fashion.
  • It is not necessary to be limited to a jacket, blouse and skirt or trousers. Layering will make the image even more interesting.
  • Add details. In the series about the school, the girls look different, despite the uniform. Because their individuality is expressed through their hair, accessories and other little things.

How to assemble an image

2. Cheerleader girl

Shot from the series “Chorus”

Such schoolgirls also go in uniform, but, as a rule, in sports. So the trends here are playing on us. You don’t even need to invent anything special: a bomber jacket, a T-shirt, a sports-style skirt and sneakers – and now you are already dressed as it should.

How to assemble an image

3. Popular girl

Shot from the series “Sex Education”

Unlike the example with the form, here it is better to focus on modern references. Because the popular girl is edgy. On the other hand, the nineties remain in trend, the zeros become them. An attentive viewer will notice that some of the outfits of the schoolgirls in “Euphoria” or “Ginny and Georgia” resemble, for example, the images of girls from “Mean Girls”. So it’s quite possible to be inspired by TV shows from childhood.

If we talk about specific things, pay attention to mini-skirts. And as the first layer, you can choose something that looks like a corset – this season also has such a trend.

How to assemble an image

4. Rebel

Frame from the series “Euphoria”

The image of a good girl, perhaps, does not make sense to disassemble. For him, you can be inspired by the school uniform. With rebels more interesting. If only because now in movies and TV shows there is no such opposition of excellent students and bad girls – at least in terms of external manifestations. Although stylists are still repelled from the usual stereotypes.

Rebel women are more often dressed in dark colors, leather (this is a trend, as you remember), unisex items or, conversely, overtly sexy ones.

How to assemble an image