Having sex in the heat is another test of endurance for both couples and their cardiovascular systems. The sexologist Ulyana Gromova told the 7Days.ru portal about the positive and negative aspects of lovemaking at high temperatures.

According to her, when exposed to sunlight, a person increases the production of vitamin D. This element has a positive effect on male and female health, and also improves the quality of sexual intercourse.

The influence of the sun on sex

“According to the sexologist, Dr. Martha Tara Lee, the level of testosterone in the blood of men rises according to the doses of vitamin D. Today, the effect of biologically active substances that make up vitamin D on spermatogenesis is being studied.”the expert said.

Also, according to studies, it can be stated that vitamin D is associated with three indicators of the male body – sperm quality, testosterone levels, erectile function.

Take care of your heart

However, making love during the hot time of the day can be bad for human health. A large load on the cardiovascular system can be the main problem in this matter.

If a person develops shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, general weakness of the body, then any physical activity should be immediately stopped.

In addition, the sexologist notes that for safe sex in the heat, it is worth observing the water-salt balance. Avoid strong alcoholic and sugary drinks.

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